Bertram Enterprises

For 18 years Bertram Enterprises has been creating and producing web content and real world products.

Bertram Guitars, formerly Las Vegas Guitar Works, features original hand-built guitars designed and built by Brett W. Bertram and photo archives of 1,000’s of guitars shot by Brett over a period of years. Don’t leave without seeing his stunning photographs of the beautiful and talented Gabriella Versace modeling with a number of unique boutique guitars.

Free Guitar School offers Brett’s original music, a unique 24″ x 36″ guitar chord poster on heavy 100 lb gloss paper with licensed photographs of all the greatest guitar heroes from the 1980’s. Both the poster and the web site feature easy to understand guitar tips, tricks, chords and scales.

Endre Szabo features stunning, vintage 1960’s and 1970’s contemporary art character portraits by Master Painter Endre Szabo. These pristine lithographic prints are limited in number and available exclusively through Endre Szabo dot com.